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  • Overview

    The Variable Energy Cyclotron  (VEC) is the main accelerator, operational at the Centre since 1980. It was indigenously built in early 70s. It has since been utilized by user-groups from all over the country. A large Superconducting  Cyclotron (SCC) is being constructed to provide our nuclear physicists with a quantum jump in the accelerated particle energies for frontline experiments at per with their international counterparts. Construction of this cyclotron has resulted in enormous technological fall-out in the field of Superconducting Magnet and Cryogenics. The Centre is also constructing Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) accelerators – highly complex and sophisticated – for most modern nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics experiments. All the accelerators are also used for experiments in other areas of science such as condensed matter, materials, chemistry, biophysics etc. 

    High level scientific activity goes on at the Centre for International collaborations in the areas of high energy physics experiments at large accelerators in other parts of the world. Our scientists and engineers construct large experimental equipments for such experiments. Those experiments are also used extensively by the international scientific community. Our scientists have earned prestige both in the experimental as well as theoretical research in the field of Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) on international scene. The Centre has also developed frontline computational facilities to carry out research and development in the above mentioned areas. Exploration and recovery of helium gas from hot spring emanations and earthquake prediction utilizing related observations is another important area in which the Centre is actively engaged.