CHSS Orders/Circulars Print


VECC/Admn./GA/CHSS/Hosp./2020/753 13/08/2020 List of hospitals empanelled under CHSS, VECC, Kolkata  CHSS Notice
7/15/2012/IR&W/5843 28/04/2017 Revision of maternity charges for meeting confinement expenses under CHSS CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2019/4911 03/12/2019 Revision of income ceiling for dependent parents on attaining the age of 80 years and above-reg CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2019/4912 03/12/2019 Revision of charges for issuing duplicate CHSS Card-reg CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2019/4913 03/12/2019 Reimbursement of cost hearing aid second time after 5 years in the event pf loss of hearing aid-reg. CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2019/4914 03/12/2019 Issue of lifetime CHSS card to mentally challenged / physically disabled dependent children beyond 25 years of age-reg CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2019/4915 03/12/2019 Extention of CHSS facilities to parents and parentsin-law 9 incase of female employees) under DAE CHSS Rule, 1998-reg. CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2019/4916 03/12/2019 DAE CHSS - Extension of treatment under Ayurvedic and Homeopathic system of medicine to retired employees of the Department. CHSS Notice
VECC/Admn/GA/CHSS/RGH/2019/2864 05/08/2019 Recognition of Ruby General Hospital Limited, Kolkata as base hospital of CHSS, Kolkata CHSS Circular
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2018/3169 10/12/2018 Recovery charges for issuing duplicate CHSS cards. CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2018/3168 10/12/2018 Extension of Yoga and Naturopathy treatment under CHSS. CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2018/3167  10/12/2018  Reimbursement for OPD treatment to retired employees who stay outside CHSS area.  CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2018/3166  10/12/2018 Amendment in CHSS Rule no. 4.2 - extension of CHSS benefits to spouse of employees working in private organizations with medical expenses to beneficiaries under CHSS in case of Mediclaim Policy Holders. CHSS Notice
VECC/Admn./CHSS/2018/2438 18/09/2018 Extension of CHSS facilities to dependent unmarried daughter CHSS Notice
08/02/2018 Amendment of CHSS Rule no. 4.1(b) under CHSS CHSS Notice
VECC/Admin/CHSS/2016/2202 03/08/2016 Recognition of AMRI Group of Hospitals, Kolkata as Referral Hospital under CHSS, Kolkata CHSS Circular
VECC/Admn/CHSS/2015/1815 29/05/2015 Extension of Validity of CHSS Cards issued by VECC, Kolkata CHSS Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2014/1137 14/07/2014 Renewal of declaration regarding dependent beneficiaries under CHSS,Kolkata CHSS Notice
VECC/Medical/2014/ 29/05/2014 Roster of doctors in VECC Dispensary(both morning session & afternoon session) and in CHSS Clinic (morning session) at Anushakti Abasan w.e.f. June 01, 2014.  Notice
VECC/Adm/CHSS/2014/891  21/05/2014 Functioning of CHSS Clinic at Anushakti Abasan, Kolkata.  Notice 
VECC/Adm/GA/Circular/2014/875  20/05/2014 Admissibility of In-Vitro Fertilisation treatment under CHSS-Reg.  CHSS Circular
VECC/Medical/2013/  09/01/2014  Schedule of Doctors at CHSS Clinic at Anushakti Abasan & VECC Dispensary.   Notice  
VECC/ADMIN/CHSS/2013/1623  11/09/2013 Rule No.13.9 of CHSS Manual of CHSS, Kolkata regarding submission of medical reimbursement claim.  CHSS Circular
VECC/ADMIN/CHSS/2013/1622  11/09/2013 Request to forward names of Homeopathic Medical Practitioners.  CHSS Circular 
VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2013/1689  23/05/2013 Recognition of Fortis Hospital, Kolkata as a Superspeciality Hospital.   CHSS
VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2013/324  08/02/2013 Recognition of Apollo Hospital, Kolkata as a Superspeciality Hospital.   CHSS Circular
VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2012/1024  23/05/2012  Instructions regarding compliance of CHSS, Kolkata Rules.   CHSS Circular