HBNI-CI-VECC Anti-Ragging CommitteePrint

The HBNI-CI-VECC Anti-Ragging Committee was constituted in dealing with any reported incident of ragging and to take measures to prevent such events. 
The following members are appointed to the Anti-Ragging Committee from August 08, 2019.

Dr. Sumit Som (Director)  - Chair
Prof. Jane Alam (Senior Professor)  - Chair
Prof. Sarbajit Pal (Dean-Academics – Engg. Sc.) 
Prof. Parnika Das (Dean-Academics –  Physical Sc.)  
Prof. Tilak Kumar Ghosh (Dean- Students’ Affairs) - Convener
Shri Vivek Kumar Rajeshwar Singh (JRF, Students’ Representative)
Kum. Shefali Basak (JRF, Students’ Representative)

The Anti-Ragging Committee shall perform as per rules and regulations provided by University Grant Commission (UGC) in connection with ragging related matters. Details are provided on the weblink of UGC. https://www.ugc.ac.in/page/Ragging-Related-Circulars.aspx 

For definition of Ragging click here .

For information on the UGC Anti-Ragging Regulations click here .

Any member of the Committee may be contacted by a students/s regarding cases of ragging, harassment or any such activities by a student/s.

All students are advised to visit the web portal i.e. https://www.antiragging.in/site/Infopack.aspx and submit anti-ragging undertaking at https://www.antiragging.in/Site/Affidavits_Registration.aspx