Spin-off TechnologiesPrint

List of Spinoff Technologies developed at VECC, Kolkata


Sr. No. Name of Spin-off Technology Features Technology Transfer Status Code & Link
1 Digital Nano Ammeter Measures current from 1 nA to 25 µA 4 input channels Done AI15VECC
2 Digital Pico Ammeter Measures 1pA to 1.8µA current with 0.1% FSR accuracy. Done AI17VECC
3 Digital Mini Pico Ammeter Pico Ammeter measures 1pA current & 6 fC charge in very high vacuum Unit under field test  
4 RFID based Issue/ Return System for Library Management Facilitates inventory management Done AI18VECC
5 RFID Based Attendance Recording Device Highly secured attendance recording reader Done AI13VECC
6 Digital Current Integrator The combined ampere/coulomb meter can be used in the ranges of 1nC/1nA to 100nC to 100nA. In the process  
7 Solid state HF amplifier ( 5 to 30Mhz) Amplifier can be used in accelerators, broadcasting /communication industry and other industrial/scientific applications. The amplifier offers more than 20 dB gain in entire HF frequency band. In the process  
8 Solid state HF amplifier ( 70 to 80Mhz) The amplifier offers more than 40 dB gain in the frequency band. In the process  
9 Advanced gaseous detector Can be used for X-ray and muon tomography In the process  
10 Multi-pin Cryogenic Coaxial Feedthrough Capable of maintaining vacuum leak tightness over 300 K - 4 K and up to 5 kV In the process  
11 In-situ Capacitance measurement Digitally measures capacitance directly using tuned radio-frequency oscillator In the process  


Related application forms to be submitted to Technology Transfer Cell for registration of a new spin-off technology