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Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2011/2674  19/12/2011 Authorization of medical shop to supply medicines/scheduled drugs to the beneficiaries of CHSS Kolkata on credit basis.  Circular CHSS 
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2011/2579  13/12/2011 Suspension of emergency services in Mission of Mercy Hospital, Kolkata  Circular CHSS 
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2011/189  18/01/2011 Indoor Medical Treatment under CHSS, Kolkata-Reimbursement of Medical Expenses.  Circular CHSS 
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2010/886  26/04/2010 Recognition of Ruby Hospital, Kolkata as a Superspeciality Hospital.  CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2010/885  26/04/2010  Issue of fresh CHSS Cards to all beneficiaries of CHSS, Kolkata.  CHSS Cards Category wise  
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2010/316 15/02/2010 Modifications in the sub-rules 9.4 & 9.10 of the Manual of the Contributory Health Service Scheme (CHSS), Kolkata. Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/Consultant/2009/2341 09/09/2009 Appointment as a Consultant Medical Officer Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2009/864 01/04/2009 Recognition of Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre. Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2008/2059 14/07/2008 Supply of medicines/scheduled drugs/surgical items / oxygen cylinders to the CHSS beneficiaries of DAE stationed in Kolkata on credit basis. Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2008/1401 09/05/2008 OPD reimbursement Claims Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2005/1236 02/05/2005 Reimbursement claim form etc. Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2004/2983 31/12/2004 Additions to the Medical Scheme CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2004/3426 08/11/2004 Additions of Hospital to the Medical Scheme Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2004/3128  08/10/2004 Imposition of various austerity measures in order to make medical scheme of this Centre economically viable and sustainable the measures taken w.e.f. 01.11.2004. Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2004/2222  20/07/2004 Recognition of CGHS approved hospitals located in Kolkata Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2004/2109 08/07/2004 AMAs under CHSS, Kolkata Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMN/CHSS/2004/1410 21/04/2004 Meidines shall also be available at the medicine shop on credit basis w.e.f.26.04.2004. Credit facility for medicines
Ref.VECC/ADMIN/CHSS/2004/1210 06/04/2004 Relaxation of certain restrictions imposed to the beneficiaries under CHSS, Kolkata Circular CHSS
Ref.VECC/ADMIN/CHSS/2004/1101 29/03/2004 Imposition of certain restriction for the beneficiaries under CHSS, Kolkata. Credit facility for medicines
CHSS MANUAL, KOLKATA 19/11/1998 Extension of the CHSS to Calcutta CHSS Manual