ANURIB - Advanced National Facility for Unstable Rare Isotope Beams

ANURIB (Advanced  National facility for Unstable and Rare Isotope Beams) will be a national Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) facility. This facility will produce & accelerate rare, beta-stable and beta-unstable (radioactive) ion beams. Beam energy in phase-1 will be 1.5 keV/u which is suitable for nuclear spectroscopy, material science and radio-biology studies. Present 12th plan proposal is for phase-1 which is a complete project in itself. Phase-2 may be pursued as an independent project in the 13th plan and beyond.
Proposed ANURIB (Phase-1) activities/deliverables are as follows :

  1. 1. Physics & Engineering Design of entire ANURIB facility (both phases)
  2. Writing and publication of Technical Design Report (TDR)
  3. Design of phase-1 building & AERB clearance
  4. R&D on high current injector, prototype development
  5. Design, construction, testing of components & installation at Rajarhat campus:
  6. High power actinide target module with integrated 1+ ion-source & separator
  7. Accelerator Cryo-Module (ACM2) for acceleration of electron beams to 50 MeV**
  8. ECR ion-source for high carge state ion production
  9. Low energy beam-line (Isotope Separator)
  10. Experimental facility for 1.5 keV/u beams (low energy ion-beams)
  11. Construction of Phase-1 building at VECC Rajarhat campus

**30 MeV superconducting electron linac will be built and tested at VECC Salt Lake campus under the 12th plan Advance RIB facility project phase-2;  APEX No. XII - 4A - VEC - 01.00 : Superconducting Linacs for Electrons and Heavy-ions. 30 MeV machine will be integrated with ACM2 and the 50 MeV electron linac will be finally installed at Rajarhat campus.

Project Co-ordinator: