Infrastructure Development at Various Campuses of VECC

Due to sheer scarcity of land at Bidhan Nagar campus of VECC it is proposed to construct new facilities at Rajarhat approximately 11 km away from Bidhan Nagar.
However the facilities required to be installed in close vicinity of existing cyclotron will be set up at Bidhan Nagar campus only demolishing very old temporary shed and erecting one G+ 2 building thereon. This building will mainly house activities related to SCC and its utilization, Theoretical Physics, HBNI, Development of cryogenic components, Superconducting magnet development and characterization etc.
At Rajarhat campus, it is proposed to construct few building to be used as multifunction and engineering hall including providing basic infrastructure for these building viz. road, water supply, electrical sub-station etc. at present.
For successful completion of upcoming project activities, necessary infrastructural support like buildings and associated services, internal road, electrical sub-station, fire fighting system, area lighting, canteen etc. is essential. This will help to complete ongoing and upcoming R&D activities at VECC.

Project Co-ordinator:  Shri Rabindranath Dey

Email:  rabin_de(at)