Upgradation of RRMC Facility and Radiopharmaceutical Research

The principal aim of the project is to expand the existing nuclear medicine facilities at the RRMC as well by installation of an additional Dual Head Gamma Camera with CT facility.
Patients from low income groups will be able to access state of art facilities in nuclear imaging at the RRMC at a low cost.
The project will also involve utilization of the SPECT radio-isotopes produced by DAE Medical Cyclotron : Tl-201 and Ga-67.
RRMC will carry out its own research to develop new radio-pharmaceuticals from Cyclotron-produced and Reactor- produced isotopes .
PC Based Chromatographic Scanner will be procured to check Radiochemical Purity of newly developed radiopharmaceuticals, and regular use of this equipment will greatly facilitate radiopharmaceutical research at the RRMC.

Project Co-ordinator: