ALICE Upgrade, Operation and Utilization (Proposed)

The Experimental High Energy Physics and Applications group at VECC is leading the International Collaboration for the search and study of Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) in the STAR experiment at BNL and ALICE at CERN-LHC.
The group has taken up two new upgrade projects in ALICE:
A) Development of a new Silicon-Tungsten (Si-W) calorimeter, called FoCal. It will explore a new area of potential small-x physics at LHC. The group intends to develop and build silicon sensors in India along with associated electronics readout.

B) Design, fabricate and testing of Common Readout Unit (CRU) for ALICE core detectors. The readout rate capability of all detectors in ALICE will have to be increased to cope up with large increase in Pb-Pb luminosity. The plan is to develop a new CRU, which receives data from the detector and ships to the DAQ.The PMD is fully operational, and will continue data taking. New detector R&D, especially development of diamond detectors will start for exploring diffractive physics. Major attention will be given to data analysis of the large amount of data taken by ALICE and STAR experiments. The project will span over a period of seven years, covering the XII plan and part of the XIII plan periods

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