Advanced Experimental Facilities for the Material Science Beamline Activities at the DAE Medical Cyclotron, Kolkata

The high intensity proton beams from the DAE Medical Cyclotron provides a unique facility for radiation damage studies on nuclear structural materials for simulating the bulk damage induced by neutrons. Availability of the high energy proton beam from the DAE Medical Cyclotron facilitates to study radiation damage on thick samples of the order of 0.5 to 1 mm. This makes the post irradiation investigation of the samples by a variety of bulk techniques like X-ray, Positron lifetime, mechanical property measurements easier. The main interest will be in studying the irradiation effects in the structural materials of the Fast Breeder Reactor like D9, D9I and Ferritic steels. The various experiments to be carried out as outlined above will require different energies and currents. Taking into consideration the radiological safety, the Materials Science activities will be carried out in two different beam lines one for high dose and another for low dose. The development of the various experimental facilities for conducting the irradiation in the two beam lines is being proposed in the project.

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