Studies of Multifunctional Nanostructured Materials

The project aims at understanding the basic science of various multifunctional nanostructured materials in wide dimensions  with the purpose of  building them in usable forms. Activities are pursued  in following dimensions- i) Multiferroic materials like BiFeO3 (BFO), TbMnO3 etc. with Ferromagnetic, Ferroelectric and Ferroelastic ordering, ii) Conducting polymer like Polyaniline, Polypyrrole  based nanocomposite supercapacitor with  application in energy cells, iii) Magnetic nanostructures by ion beam irradiation, iv) 1-dimensional Single atomic Carbon chain from Polyacetylene. The aim is to develop materials suitable for applications in miniaturized memory devices and energy storage. The materials are being developed in different nanostructured forms (like nanoparticles, nanowires, nanoripples, nanorods, thin films etc.) through electrochemical, chemical and ion irradiation/implantation. For development of thin films through physical process, Pulsed Laser Deposition unit is sought. Beam scanner is sought to achieve uniform ion irradiation in case of ion beam induced development. Materials will be characterized with respect to their nanostructures. Surface area analyser is needed for assaying the surface activity of polymer based nanocomposites. Dynamic light scattering set up is needed for assaying size of nanoparticles.  Thermal analyser based on DSC will be utilized for thermodynamic assay like enthalpy, specific heat etc. as a function of temperature. Photoluminescence set up will be needed to study optical band gap. Electromagnet will be employed for studies of magnetocapacitance. Nanoindentor is needed for mechanical studies of Ferroelastic multiferroics. Magnetic force Microscope with AFM will be needed for surface  mapping with respect to magnetic domains in nanostructured films.

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