Centre for Nuclear Theory

Although the scope of doing nuclear theory research has increased enormously, the Indian Nuclear Theory community has reduced substantially.  This project is proposed to revive the dying  theoretical activities on nuclear physics in the country.  Apart from CNT's own programme on basic research  it will also serve as an effective platform  where researchers from various national laboratories and academic institutions can meet and work on some of the unsolved fundamental  problems of nuclear physics.   CNT is proposed to conduct basic research in the following areas:  e. g.  synthesis of the elements , Ab initio calculation of nuclear structure,  calculation  of nucleon-nucleon  force from QCD, study of nuclei from first principle,  spectral modifications of hadrons in medium,  QCD phase transition at  high temperature and density, hydrodynamic  evolution of matter formed in   heavy ion collisions, transport coefficients  of strongly interacting matter, out of equilibrium evolution of the system produced in nuclear collisions at relativistic energies . With its strong Ph D programme the CNT will be able to produce human resources required by other national laboratories, universities, IITs etc.  CNT will provide a  creative atmosphere which will influence other activities around it.

Project Co-ordinator: