Development of Cyclotron Systems

A) Improvements in the Technical Subsystems of the Cyclotrons at VECC
At VECC, Kolkata we now have K-130 cyclotron delivering light ion beams on a regular basis to the experimentalists. In the coming years the cyclotron will deliver beams for Radioactive Ion Beam Facility as well as for nuclear physics experiments and several irradiation experiments. The K-500 superconducting cyclotron has accelerated beams and very soon will be delivering beams in experimental areas. Both the accelerators are being operated now on a round the clock basis.
In general it is true that improvements in the subsystems of cyclotrons must be carried out continuously to  improve performance. Further, due to aging effect and the fact that materials get damaged as some of them are exposed to extreme conditions in the cyclotrons the subsystems need replacements, upgradation and improvements based on the operational experience and performance achieved. An amount of 14 crores rupees is proposed to be spent and will be carried out by several groups at VECC.

B) Development of high frequency Superconducting ECR Ion Source
The objective of this proposal is to develop Superconducting ECR ion source that produces high charge state heavy ion beams. At VECC we have developed expertise for ECR ion sources. In a cyclotron, energy dependence on square of the charge of ions suggests the development of ion sources producing very high charge state, particularly for high mass numbers obtaining high charge state is essential for achieving energies suitable for nuclear physics experiments. However to achieve this we need to develop ECR ion source which utilises high frequency and hence high magnetic fields. Based on the expertise developed with cryogenic technologies the objective is to develop now superconducting ECR Ion source.These high charge state heavy ion beams once produced can be accelerated by superconducting cyclotron to extremely high energies.


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