Superconducting Linacs for Electrons and Heavy-ions

A) Advanced Radioactive Ion Beam Facility Phase-2 :
This project is aimed at filling the technological gap areas pertaining to radioactive ion beams development viz. high power actinide target R&D and superconducting linear accelerator technology development. Indigenization of these technologies will bring the proposed ANURIB project on firm footing and build the foundation of achieving its goals.
The project has three components:

      i] Development of Superconducting Electron Linac for acceleration of electron beams to 30 MeV

     ii] High power actinide target R&D & development of target module.

     iii] Development of Superconducting heavy-ion linear accelerators capable of accelerating beams to energy upto 2.0 MeV.

The above components will be designed and developed in collaboration with TRIUMF laboratory, Canada on an equal partnership basis. A world class RIB facility is already operational at TRIUMF. TRIUMF is also a world leader in high power thick target technology and also has a very powerful cyclotron accelerating 500 MeV, 1 mA protons, which is necessary for testing and characterizing high power thick targets. TRIUMF’s future augmentation plan comprises of, among other things, development of superconducting electron linac and thick actinide targets for production of neutron-rich RI beams, which exactly matches with our future plans.

B)Design and development of specialized RF components for Superconducting linear accelerators :
New Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) technology development at 650 MHz for the IIFC (Indian Institutions Fermi lab Collaboration).This technology development pertains to DAE’s spallation neutron source (SNS) and Accelerator Driven Subcritical Systems (ADSS) programmes.
This is mainly an R&D programme concentrated on the following:

      i] Indigenous fabrication, processing and testing of niobium cavities.

     ii]  Low power rf tests of niobium cavities.

     iii] R&D on power couplers and tuners development.

Although this R&D pertains to the IIFC programme, the technology and infrastructure developed through this program will also benefit the 1.3 GHz srf technology development for ther SC e-Linac

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