Plan Projects

SI No. Project Name Project Details
1 Superconducting Linacs for Electrons and Heavy-ions Details
2 Development of Cyclotron Systems Details
3 Advanced Superconducting Magnet Development Details
4 Advanced Experimental Nuclear Physics Research Details
5 Centre for Nuclear Theory Details
6 Detector Development for High Energy Physics Research (Proposed) Details
7 Studies of Multifunctional Nanostructured Materials Details
8 Advanced Experimental Facilities for the Material Science Beamline Activities at the DAE Medical Cyclotron, Kolkata Details
9 ALICE Upgrade, Operation and Utilization (Proposed) Details
10 Upgradation of RRMC Facility and Radiopharmaceutical Research Details
11 Infrastructure Development at Various Campuses of VECC Details
12 ANURIB - Advanced National Facility for Unstable Rare Isotope Beams Details
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