Already Held

Sl. No. Topic Period
61 BRNS Workshop on Ion Beam at VECC and their applications in basic and applied science 12-Sep-2007 - 14-Sep-2007
62 International Brainstorming Session on Geochemical Precursors For Earthquakes 11-Sep-2006 - 13-Sep-2006
63 Experimental Physics & Industrial Control System 10-Jul-2006 - 14-Jul-2006
64 High Current Ion Sources for Accelerators 06-Apr-2006 - 07-Apr-2006
65 SERC School On Nuclear Dynamics At Low And Medium Energies And Nuclear Structure 13-Mar-2006 - 02-Apr-2006
66 BRNS International Workshop on Large Scale Computing 08-Feb-2006 - 10-Feb-2006
67 Workshop on Quark Gluon Plasma 05-Feb-2006 - 07-Feb-2006
68 Changing Scales in Nuclear Physics 14-Jun-2005 - 15-Jun-2005
69 5th International Conference on Physics and Astrophysics of Quark Gluon Plasma 08-Feb-2005 - 12-Feb-2005
70 21st DAE Safety & Occupational Health Professionals' Meet 22-Dec-2004 - 24-Dec-2004

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